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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium – Helping Manufacturers

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium – Helping Manufacturers

Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) is a unique non-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers GROW and become MORE COMPETITIVE, at home and around the world. EMC has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium and with over one thousand industry events annually, is one of the most active manufacturing organizations in North America!

Whether you are a business owner, a General Manager, a shift supervisor or a hands on employee, you all play a part in the success of your operation and you all realize it's not always an easy thing to achieve. Businesses today face many issues... similar in some respects to those faced by businesses years ago; but the speed of commerce, the global economy, social media etc. are all adding new challenges to what you do every day in some cases every minute.

The good news is, you are not alone. Manufacturers all around you are dealing with the same things right now. They are on your street, in your town or in your region and they produce a whole range of products. Some are struggling to solve the same puzzle you solved last week, while others may have solved your current puzzle last month. The challenge is, how do you get to know these people?

Kim Wolf is the Field Service Advisor (FSA) in the Brantford area and has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, at various levels of the organizations that she has been with. She truly understands the complexities of manufacturing, including the opportunities, the challenges, and the value of benchmarking.   In fact, she was a MEMBER of EMC for many years before she was an FSA with EMC.

EMC understands that no one company has it ALL figured out, and they have seen what can happen when companies and strangers share experiences and swap ideas. Discussions happen, ideas are shared, and puzzles are sometimes solved. Sharing is a learned skill that comes with practice. Help someone out, or they help you. Nobody loses and you become a better, more successful business as a result. Do this a couple of times and you'll understand what separates EMC from everyone else.

Participate at our next local Strategic Interest Group by contacting Kim Wolf, 519-291-0745 or Kim can get you further information on the value-add programs with EMC, and share with you some of the successes that EMC members have realized through their membership.


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