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Italian Logistics Provider Capitalizes on City’s Supply Chain Advantages

Italian Logistics Provider Capitalizes on City’s Supply Chain Advantages

The Pacorini Group has selected Brantford for their new cocoa bulk storage and cleaning facility, leasing 230,153 sq.ft. of vacant industrial space at 46 Bosworth Court. The Brantford location will operate under Pacorini Canada Ltd., solely purposed for the bulk storage and cleaning of raw cocoa for Ferrero Canada Ltd. The raw cocoa will in turn be processed at Ferrero’s new cocoa plant that is currently under construction and slated to be operational by January 2018.

As outlined in the City of Brantford’s October 2017 building permit report, improvements and renovations to the existing facility have amounted to $184,000 in construction value overall. It is anticipated that 20-40 new jobs will be created at the Brantford facility.

The company was founded in 1933 in Trieste, Italy. Operating in 14 countries, Pacorini has become the largest provider of logistics services for the global coffee market. Their customer portfolio includes large multinationals as well as local roasters, international trade houses and exporters.  With a worldwide network of companies, Pacorini offers its clients a unique wide range of services dedicated to logistics, supply-chain management and industrial processing at high added value. Deep knowledge of the raw material combined with extensive research and development have been the basis for the engineering of automated green coffee and cocoa processing plants.

For more information on the Pacorini Group, please see the Pacorini company profile or click here to visit their website.


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