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New Apprenticeship Grant for Employers

New Apprenticeship Grant for Employers

The Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE) provides payments to employers who hire (sponsor) and train apprentices in 130 eligible trades. Eligible employers will receive an automatic payment as their apprentice completes each level of training and when they achieve their Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification. Eligible employers can receive up to $19,200 per apprentice over the period of the apprenticeship. This includes a $500 bonus for eligible employers for each completion milestone an apprentice finishes if the apprentice is from an underrepresented group.


Who can apply?

Starting November 15, 2017, all employers who register apprentices in one of 130 eligible trades will be eligible to receive GAGE — grant funding will be triggered by the apprentices completing their first level of in-class training.


How do I apply?

Starting November 15, employers registering an apprentice in an eligible trade will automatically be enrolled in the program. Employers will receive grant payments as the apprentice completes each level of training (payments will begin as early as spring 2018).


How much funding can I get?

Eligible employers can receive up to $19,200 in GAGE funding based on the apprentice's level of completion and the underrepresented bonus if applicable. See Table 1 below.


Table 1: Graduated Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (GAGE***)

Funding Disbursements to Eligible Employers by *Level of Completion



Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4  

Certificate of
Certificate of Qualification

  Grand Total

Grant amount per level completed







**Underrepresented bonus per apprentice (if applicable)







Maximum grant amount per level









*Note: the levels of formal instruction for the classroom component of an apprenticeship program is based on the Ontario College of Trades' approved curriculum.

**Note: GAGE provides an additional incentive for hiring members of underrepresented groups, including women, Indigenous peoples, Francophones, people with disabilities, newcomers and visible minorities.

***Note this table does not capture the in-demand bonus, which will offer additional funding on top of the amounts listed. The government is committed to developing an additional incentive for in-demand trades in spring 2018 based on labour market information.


Which trades are eligible?


               List of Trades Eligible for GAGE

200G      Precision Metal Fabricator

207S       Light Rail Overhead Contact Systems Linesperson

225A      Optics Technician (Lens and Prism Maker)

225F       Thin Film Technician

237S       Pool, Hot Tub and Spa Service Technician

237T       Pool, Hot Tub and Spa – Installer

239B      Tool and Gauge Inspector

240P      Parts Technician

241A      Terrazzo, Tile and Marble Setter

244G      Cement (Concrete) Finisher

244H      Restoration Mason

244K      Precast Concrete Erector

244L       Precast Concrete Finisher

246F       Process Operator: Refinery, Chemical and Liquid Processes

246R      Process Operator – Power

246T       Process Operator – Food Manufacturing

246W     Process Operator Wood Products

253A      Heat and Frost Insulator

253H      Hazardous Materials Worker

255B      Facilities Technician

255W     Facilities Mechanic

259L       Locksmith

263F       Pump Systems Installer

267G      Composite Structures Technician

268R      Railway Car Technician

269E       Entertainment Industry Power Technician

274L       Automotive Glass Technician

277M     Mould or Die Finisher

277Z       Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic

278B      Surface Blaster

282E       Powered Lift Truck Technician

289F       Electrician (Signal Maintenance)

295A      Tire Wheel and Rim Mechanic

296A      Native Residential Construction Worker

297A      Ski Lift Mechanic

306A      Plumber

307A      Steamfitter

308A      Sheet Metal Worker

308R      Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer

309A      Electrician – Construction and Maintenance

309C      Electrician – Domestic and Rural

310B      Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer

310C      Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician – No New Registrations

310D      Transmission Technician

310E       Alignment and Brakes Technician

310G      Motorcycle Technician

310J       Truck-Trailer Service Technician

310K      Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician

310Q      Auto Body Repairer

310S       Automotive Service Technician

310T       Truck and Coach Technician

313A      Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

313D      Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic

332A      Hairstylist

339A      Hoisting Engineer – Mobile Crane Operator 1

339B      Hoisting Engineer – Tower Crane Operator

339C      Hoisting Engineer – Mobile Crane Operator 2

401A      Brick and Stone Mason

401R      Refractory Mason

403A      General Carpenter

404C      Painter and Decorator – Commercial and Residential

404D      Painter and Decorator Industrial

410K      Motive Power Machinist

410N      Automotive Painter

415A      Cook

416E       Electronic Service Technician

420A      Ironworker – Structural and Ornamental

420B      Ironworker Generalist

421A      Heavy Duty Equipment Technician

421C      Turf Equipment Technician

423C      Baker-Patissier

424A      Architectural Glass and Metal Technician

425A      Agricultural Equipment Technician

426A      Construction Millwright

427A      Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer

428A      Construction Boilermaker

429A      General Machinist

430A      Tool and Die Maker

430M     Machine Tool Builder and Integrator

431A      Mould Maker

433A      Industrial Mechanic Millwright

434A      Powerline Technician

435A      Small Engine Technician

435B      Marine Engine Technician

437A      Metal Fabricator (Fitter)

438A      Cabinetmaker

441C      Horticultural Technician

442A      Industrial Electrician

443A      Pattern Maker

445A      Appliance Service Technician

446A      Electric Motor System Technician

447A      Instrumentation and Control Technician

448A      Floor Covering Installer

449A      Roofer

450A      Construction Craft Worker

451A      Drywall, Acoustic and Lathing Applicator

452A      Reinforcing Rodworker

453A      Drywall Finisher and Plasterer

455A      Exterior Insulated Finish Systems Mechanic

456A      Welder

456P      Pressure Systems Welder

600P      Blacksmith

602C      Tool and Cutter Grinder

602H      Roll Grinder/Turner

605B      Water Well Driller

609C      Packaging Machine Mechanic

610C      Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

611B      Saw Filer/Fitter

614A      Draftperson – Mechanical

614B      Draftsperson Plastic Mould Design

614C      Draftsperson Tool and Die Design

615A      Bearings Mechanic

617A      Electrical Control (Machine) Builder

630A      Micro Electronics Manufacturer

630B      Surface Mount Assembler

630T       Tool/Tooling Maker

631A      Network Cabling Specialist

634B      Information Technology – Hardware Technician

634C      Information Technology – Network Technician

636A      Heavy Equipment Operator – Tractor Loader Backhoe

636B      Heavy Equipment Operator – Excavator

636C      Heavy Equipment Operator – Dozer

636E       Elevating Devices Mechanic

637C      Concrete Pump Operator

638A      Tractor-Trailer Commercial Driver

661H      Fitter Assembler (Motor Assembly)

670C      Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Programmer

670D      Die Designer

670E       Mould Designer

690H      Recreation Vehicle Technician


For more information, please visit the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development at:


Or call:

Toll-free Employment Ontario hotline: 1-800-387-5656

TTY (telephone service for the deaf): 1-866-533-6339


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