Local Company Profiles and Success Stories

Williams Coffee Pubs

Since the first Williams Coffee Pub opened in Stratford, Ontario in 1993, Williams has grown to more than 46 locations across Ontario. The founders of Williams Coffee Pub Inc. wanted to create a concept that didn’t keep guests waiting and offered tasty, high quality products in a relaxed and affordable atmosphere; a combination that makes Williams Coffee Pub a unique experience in the industry today. In May 2003, two shareholders joined the company to assist in bringing Williams to the next level. With 20 years of food service experience, Dean Braund brought with him a disciplined approach to all areas of the business. After a year as the key stakeholder, multi-unit franchisee and director, Dean stepped up as CEO of Williams Coffee Pub with controlling interest in January 2006 stating, "Born and raised in Brantford, I have strong connections to my community. The corporate head offices for my companies are right here in Brantford and being headquartered here allows my companies a strategic locational advantage to reach all operations; including 46 William’s stores across southern Ontario. " Headquartered at 202 Grand River Avenue in Brantford, Williams Coffee Pubs are a prime example of the success and advantages businesses can have in the Brantford community.

Williams Fresh Cafe restaurant in Brantford, Ontario

Zamboni and Company Ltd.

The Zamboni Company has maintained a Canadian operation since 1967 in the City of Brantford. For many years it has been the Canadian home of the Zamboni ice resurfacer as well. The Canadian facility houses 48,000 square feet of Zamboni machine manufacturing and the plant is busy year-round. The models produced in Brantford include the Model 525, Model 445 and the Model 200. Frank Zamboni Jr., Executive Vice President of Zamboni & Company Ltd. states, "My grandfather opened our second manufacturing operation in Brantford in 1983 and the community has been very supportive in our growth since that time. This facility builds our world class Zamboni ice resurfacing machines for sale across the globe. Our success could not happen without a skilled and dedicated workforce, many who have been with the company for 20 years or greater."

Zamboni and Company Ltd. Manufacturing Plant in Brantford, Ontario

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