Chemical Manufacturing

Ontario is Canada’s largest chemical producer by far, accounting for 45% of the industry. Eight of the world’s top 10 chemical producers have operations in the province and our industry has a track record of innovation dating back over a century.

Ontario’s industry is also a world leader when it comes to health, safety and the environment. Responsible Care ®, the chemical industry’s worldwide initiative to ensure the safe and environmentally sound management of its products and processes, was born in Ontario in 1987 and has since been adopted by 53 countries.

Clustered in three centres—Sarnia, the GTA and Ontario East—Ontario’s chemical companies are pushing the boundaries of new product development in areas ranging from specialized polymers to advanced ceramics and alternative fuels.

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Brantford's chemical companies benefit from its proximity to major US and Canadian automotive and plastics markets, its highly skiiled workforce and cost competitive business conditions. Located within 80-miles of 10 major Universities and 8 Colleges, Brantford companies are able to capitalize on a vast labour pool of new and post graduates. Home to such companies as S.C. Johnson and Son, Apotex Pharmachem Inc., Methapharm/ACIC, Ingenia Polymers, Sure-Gro Corporation and Procter and Gamble, Brantford is an ideal location for companies involved in the chemical sector.

Top Employers in Sector

  • SC Johnson and Son Ltd.-454
  • P&G-410
  • Apotex Pharmachem Inc.-375
  • Ingenia Polymers-60
  • Methapharm/ACIC-58
  • Becker Acroma Inc.-46
  • Accurex Health Care Inc.-40
  • Hawco/North King Chemicals-28
  • Whish Specialty Products-14