Plastics and Rubber Products

The plastics and rubber sector is a large and fragmented industry featuring nearly 18,000 establishments in North America, thousands of products, dozens of processing technologies, and a variety of polymer and other raw material requirements. The industry includes polymer manufacturers, additive suppliers, concentrate producers, compounders, plastics processors, machinery manufacturers, mould makers, and plastics recyclers. The plastics industry leverages innovation, drives exports and creates skilled employment opportunites for Canadians through value-added manufacturing. According to the Canadian Plastics Association, the Canadian plastics sector is a $30-billion dollar industry, accounting for $14-billion in exports, 3,200 businesses and 92,000 jobs.

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Locally, the plastics and rubber sector encompasses 20 companies and accounts for approximately 1,000 jobs overall.

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Recent Sector Investments

Pavaco Products Ltd./Hematite-Hematite received $1.5 million from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund to underpin a $10-million investment at its Plant Farm Road facility adjacent to Pavaco.President John Pavanel said the investment would lead to growing Hematite's three existing production lines to as many as six or seven. Two of the existing lines are in ramp-up mode now and once they're running at full capacity — five or seven days a week — the other lines will be added.As those new production lines come on stream, employment in Brantford would more than double from 39 to 90 in the next two years.Hematite builds under-hood and under-body components in Brantford that are placed in vehicles to help dampen noise. These components also help with so-called slipperiness so that a vehicle's under-body is more aerodynamic. The parts are built from waste plastics and other materials recovered from manufacturing and assembly in their own building as well as other factories.These Brantford parts can be found in the Lexus RX 350, Toyota Rav4, Toyota Highlander, Ford Fusion, Dodge Ram, Dodge Durango and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Home and Leisure Group Ltd.-Home and Leisure Group Ltd. purchased a 67,000 square foot facility at 28 Plant Farm Blvd in the Braneida industrial area. Home and Leisure manufactures plastic lawn furniture from recycled materials. They are excited to announce that with the move to a new facility, they are installing their own plastic extrusion lines and will be one of only two such manufacturers in Canada with this capability. The company’s Muskoka chairs and tables can be found in Costco, Rona and Canadian Tire. They have recently hired 7 new people, bringing their total to 26 staff.

Camopast Solideal- Located in 10,000 square feet at 195 Savannah Oaks Drive the company is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of off road tires, wheels, rubber tracks, undercarriage systems, body dressing parts, under the hood plastic components and assemblies, molded skis, engine covers, in addition to thermal in air induction systems. They service the material handling, construction, agriculture, powersports, automotive and defense industries, and have 7 employees.

Top Employers In Sector

  • Atlas Hydraulics-200
  • Gates Canada-150
  • Latham Pool Products-135 
  • Koolatron-91
  • Brant Corrosion Control-80
  • Stone Straw Limited-80
  • Ingenia Polymers-60
  • Kuriyama Canada Inc.-59
  • Flotech Dispensing Inc.-50
  • Custom Injection Molders-40
  • Pavaco Products Ltd.-39