Brantford Power can supply electric power to any industry in virtually unlimited quantity upon request. Presently, many industries in Brantford are supplied with either 27.6 kV, 3 phase, 4 wire; 4, 160 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire; and 600 volts, 3 phase. Commercial and industrial establishments are also supplied with 120/208 volts, 3 phase, 4 wire; and 115/230 volts, single phase. The frequency of supply is 60 cycle.

Visit the Brantford Power website for more information on electrical rates.

Natural Gas

Natural gas service is provided by Union Gas Limited, which has been servicing southwestern Ontario for more than seventy years. Natural gas supplied to Brantford comes primarily from western Canada via the Trans-Canada Pipeline System. Union Gas operates extensive underground storage facilities in Lambton County, which is integrated with its southwestern Ontario transmission and distribution system. This storage capability enables Union Gas to provide a more reliable service particularly in times of peak demand in winter months. Brantford is supplied primarily through a twelve-inch diameter, high-pressure pipeline connecting with the Company's main east-west transmission system. Our industrial areas are supplied with natural gas lines at a capacity suitable for most industrial activity.

Visit the Union Gas website for more information on natural gas rates.

Water and Wastewater

The City of Brantford looks after the water supply for the city. We maintain a system that ensures you receive safe, high quality water for drinking, bathing, cooking and other uses.Water comes from the Grand River before being treated at the Water Treatment Plant. The water is then distributed to your homes. Your wastewater is then taken through a sanitary sewer system before again being treated and dispensed back to the Grand River.

Find more information on the City of Brantford's Water System.

Visit the City of Brantford's website for information on Water and Wastewater rates.


Bell Canada's recently improved and expanded services in Brantford·Brant includes:

  • placement of high-capacity fibre optic cable between Brantford, St. George and Cambridge
  • access fiber ring to the north-east business area of Brantford to provide diversity and survivability to customers
  • intertoll fibers that are sonnet based and work at speeds of OC48 (2,488 mega bits/per second). These services tie into world markets.
  • continuous modernization and upgrading of the Brantford switching Center to state-of-the-art digital technologies. Capacity to provided support for advanced Bell offerings such as Centrex, Hyperstream and Microlink services (ISDN BRI)
  • 100% digital network with full point-to-point data and Frame Relay Data Network facility providing both T1 and T3 service. Main switching center is a Nortel DMS-100 Digital Switch, seamless voice, video and data links with major U.S. and global cities
  • dynamic routing and automatic facility restoration
  • T1 (1.54mb/per second) and T3(44.7 mb/per second) services available
  • Other services include LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), frame relay and ATM (Asynchronous Transport Mode)

Bell Canada and its partners Sympatico, Express Vu and Bell Mobility, provide high speed data, home security, wireless, video, cellular, distant education, remote medicine and internet services to its customers. For information on how Bell can help your organization call the Business Office at 310-Bell or 1-800-268-9160.

Brantford Hydro Inc.

Since 1999 NetOptiks, the fibre division of Brantford Hydro Inc., is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date, affordable, high-speed, high bandwidth telecommunications services to businesses, institutions and community organizations in our community. A new high-speed digital, community-wide Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) provides a fast and economically priced system to the Brantford marketplace. Services offered include:

  • fully scalable local loop connectivity with connection speeds from 512 kbps to 10 Gigabit Ethernet Services
  • various add-on applications including videoconferencing, VOIP, IP Video, IP TV, NetMeeting and Tele-presence
  • secure and reliable virtual private networks (VPN) enabling businesses that need to communicate from several office locations to transfer their confidential data and communications over a guaranteed 24-hour secure fibre optic connection
  • competitive pricing guaranteed to be the most economical in Brantford

For information on how NetOpticks can help your organization call 519-759-4222 ext. 3006, Or

Visit their website in a new browser window.

Waste Management

The City of Brantford owns and operates a sanitary landfill site for the disposal of solid and non-hazardous waste generated within the City limits. The municipality does not provide collection of garbage for industry, however contractors for the handling of waste are available within the City.

Click for more information on the Mohawk Street Sanitary Landfill