Brantford Neighbourhoods

The City of Brantford encompasses 15 neighbourhoods within its boundaries that have been historically delineated from a real estate market perspective. Specifically, these neighbourhoods vary considerably in terms of housing stock and construction periods, educational facilities and community amenities.

A map showing the City of Brantford's 15 Neighbourhoods.

In 2013, a community profile report was produced highlighting 2011 Statistics Canada Census Data for the various neighbourhoods within Brantford and Brant County. The report was intended to create awareness and generate discussion between residents and social service organizations in order to strengthen Brantford’s and Brant County neighbourhoods. It builds upon the history of previous social planning reports in Brantford•Brant County to introduce quality of life indicators and update the demographics from the 2011 census. Individuals, organizations, and policy makers can use these indicators to become familiar with the demographics of neighbourhoods, community safety, health, housing,and education.

Click to open the 2011 Brantford-Brant Community Profile (PDF)