Mayor Davis and Graeme Roustan at annoucement

W. Graeme Roustan, Executive Chairman and owner of Roustan Hockey Ltd. today announces a strategic partnership with Wayne Gretzky and the Wayne Gretzky Foundation of Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Wayne Gretzky, the number one ranked hockey player by The Hockey News’ Top 75 Players and Teams of All Time issue, has teamed up with NORTHLAND ( to make the game of hockey more affordable for families in Canada and the United States.

Wayne Gretzky and the Wayne Gretzky Foundation will promote the need for lower equipment costs to assist families that otherwise cannot play the sport without a more affordable offering.

“I hope this will assist parents in finding an economical way for all boys and girls to achieve their dreams,” said Gretzky. “As a young person playing hockey, I always looked up to my heroes who used NORTHLAND hockey sticks. When I turned pro and was given NORTHLAND sticks to use, I knew that I had made it.”

W. Graeme Roustan owns Canada’s only hockey stick factory and is located in the Gretzky family hometown of Brantford, Ontario. He also owns the NORTHLAND hockey brand founded in 1911 as well as The Hockey News, which dates back to 1947.

Gretzky and Roustan have become teammates with a special offering of hockey stick bundles starting at three for $99.00, which includes shipping anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.

“It’s an honour and privilege to be a teammate with Wayne Gretzky for a common goal,” said Roustan. “It’s all about reducing costs to play a game we’ve both loved since we started playing in the early 1960s.”