Best Cities to Buy Real Estate in Canada

According to MoneySense magazine, Brantford remains one of the best cities to buy real estate in Canada.

Brantford has long been recognized as an outstanding community for both families and businesses to put down roots. The transformation of Brantford’s downtown, growing residential and commercial developments, and expanded municipal boundaries also underscore the increasing interest in the city’s real estate opportunities.  Development of the expanded boundary lands acquired in 2017 opens up doors to further future development as the city's population is anticipated to grow by over 60% in the next 20 years.

While other municipalities across Southwestern Ontario and the Midwestern U.S. fell into a state of despair and disrepair in the wake of tough times for the manufacturing industry, Brantford diversified its economy and thrived. Its strong labour market and affordable yet steadily rising housing prices kept the city in the running.  There are also four post-secondary institutions within the community, providing the city with a vibrant and younger population base and a great opportunity for investors.

The presence of higher learning centres is expected to result in a strong increase in the diversification of the local economy and higher average incomes. New residents and investors also cite the growth and strength of Brantford’s diversified economy,, the city’s affordability compared to many surrounding urban centres, favourable rental rates, the urban experience nestled in a rural setting, access to excellent amenities, and the proximity to the GTA and KW as reasons to live and invest here.  It’s no wonder that Brantford placed 4th out of 35 in 2015, 3rd in 2016, 3rd in 2017, 1st in 2018, 3rd 2019, and 6th in 2020.

Discover why Brantford is one of the best places in Canada to live, work, play and invest.