Brantford is a growing and progressive community, continually welcoming new businesses, residents, and visitors. In 2016, the City's population surpassed 97,000 people, representing a steady growth rate of nearly 13% since 2001. Similarly, demand for commercial and industrial land and buildings is also on the rise.

Defined as an urban growth centre in Ontario's Places to Grow Act, Brantford has immense potential. The expansion of our municipal boundaries in 2017 further supports the City's plans for long term growth.

As we grow, it is important to understand our residents, our neighbourhoods, our community, and why Brantford is a destination of choice for so many new companies and families.

The tables, graphs, and reports below are primarily based on the Census program conducted by Statistics Canada every five years. Information on this page is frequently added and updated. Our forthcoming mapping section will also offer additional geographically presented data.

Estimated Population (2016 to 2020)

Demographic Snapshot

Brantford CMA 2016

  • Population: 134,203
  • 2006 Population: 124,607
  • Population Change: 7.7%
  • Median Age: 41.8 years
  • 2015 Avg. Household Income: $83,010
  • % Population with High School Diploma or Higher (15+ years): 79.3%
  • Average Value of Dwelling: $337,344

Brantford (City) 2016

  • Population: 97,496
  • 2011 Population: 93,650
  • Population Change: 4.1%
  • Median Age: 40.9 years
  • 2015 Avg. Household Income: $75,506
  • % Population with High School Diploma or Higher (15+ years): 78.3%
  • Average Value of Dwelling: $297,094

Source: Statistics Canada

Chart: Brantford Age Pyramid (2016 Census Data)

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