construction site at Grissin Bon Limited expansion

Grissin Bon Limited is expanding their food manufacturing facility at 43 Roy Blvd. Lanca Contracting Limited begun construction on the phase 2 addition in May, which will create an additional 26,414 square feet of food production space for a second production line to be installed in Q4 of 2020. The project has a building permit value of $1.609 million. It is anticipated there will be additional phases of expansion in the future.

Grissin Bon established their 30,139 square foot manufacturing facility in Brantford in 2014 and currently operates one food production line. The parent company is based out of Calerno, Italy and chose Brantford as their first North American investment.

This project focuses on the acquisition of a state-of-the-art fine bakery production line that will provide Grissin Bon with the flexibility it requires to manage the demand business development efforts have yielded over the last 2 years. This project will allow Grissin Bon to achieve the following:

  • double food production capacity
  • create 15 to 20 new jobs by 2021

Grissin Bon Limited is a vital part of Brantford’s food and beverage manufacturing sector, committed to product, process and technological innovation. This important sector employs over 2,300 people and operates in facilities totaling in excess of 2.7 million square feet throughout the City.