Brantford City Hall in the background with a portrait of the new Director of Economic Development and Tourism

The City of Brantford is pleased to announce that Sara Munroe has accepted the position of Director of Economic Development and Tourism.

As our new Director of Economic Development and Tourism, Sara Munroe brings outstanding experience and ideas that will guide our department as we support investment in Brantford and the ongoing economic growth of the community. A passionate and experienced leader, Sara has over twenty years of experience in public service. She began her career with the City of Brantford as the Arts and Culture Development Officer in 2015. Sara has been the Acting Director of Economic Development and Tourism since March 2022.

Sara's strengths in building culture and heritage in the city will be a tremendous asset to a number of current priority projects, including the cultural revitalization of the city’s downtown. Sara worked closely with Kevin Finney, our departed and highly esteemed former director, and shares his passion to collaborate and to create a positive environment within which businesses, culture, and residents can thrive.

Congratulations, Sara!