The move to Brantford has been 100% positive. We feel very supported . We're very much looking forward to developing a deeper relationship and deeper roots here as we continue to grow our business.

Garnet Lasby, President, Massilly North America

Choosing the right investment location requires careful consideration. Here's how Brantford checks the right boxes:

  • competitive costs;
  • proximity to major North American markets;
  • access to a diverse, educated workforce;
  • pro-business, single-tier municipality;
  • responsive, supportive municipal staff to meet project timelines;
  • streamlined, equitable development application process;
  • affordable and available real estate opportunities; and
  • exceptional community amenities contributing to a high quality of life.

Discover the advantages of doing business here. Let our economic development team work with you to meet your goals. We provide high-quality, timely, and customized assistance to help you make the right location choice—Brantford.