Brantford's strategic location enables businesses to reach major North American markets in a single day's drive. Easy access to major highways, internationally connected railways, worldwide cargo and passenger aviation systems, as well as our proximity to extensive inland and international marine shipping facilities makes Brantford an even more ideal location.

It’s a competitive market, but being located in Brantford we’re able to compete. We’re close to our markets, shipments will finish at the end of the day here, it’ll go on the truck, it will run over night, and it will arrive on the job site first thing in the morning.

Ed Seegmiller, CEO, Mott Manufacturing

Access to major markets

Eighteen major cities are located less than a day's drive from Brantford. In addition, more than a third of Canadians and Americans, or 125 million people, can be reached just as quickly from our community.

Surrounding population

Surrounding population by distance and size

Radius Distance


50 km (30 miles)


125 km (80 miles)


250 km (160 miles)


500 km (310 miles)


750 km (470 miles)


* Population estimate taken from FreeMapTools based on data from Statistics Canada and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

 Map: Brantford distance to major North American markets

map of eastern North America with distances to major cities

Distance to major cities with distance by road and drive time

Distance to major cities

Major City

Distance By Road*

Drive Time*

Baltimore, Maryland

725 km (450 miles)


Boston, Massachusetts

870 km (540 miles)


Buffalo, New York

145 km (90 miles)


Chicago, Illinois

740 km (460 miles)


Cincinnati, Ohio

725 km (450 miles)


Cleveland, Ohio

455 km (285 miles)


Columbus, Ohio

630 km (390 miles)


Detroit, Michigan

275 km (170 miles)


Hamilton, Ontario

30 km (20 miles)


Indianapolis, Indiana

770 km (480 miles)


Louisville, Kentucky

885 km (550 miles)


Milwaukee, Wisconsin

890 km (555 miles)


Montreal, Quebec

640 km (400 miles)


Ottawa, Ontario

515 km (320 miles)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

750 km (465 miles)


Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

495 km (310 miles)


Toronto, Ontario

100 km (60 miles)


Washington, DC

755 km (470 miles)


* Approximate distances by road and drive times are taken from Google Maps.


Brantford is located 100 km (60 miles) southwest of Toronto on Provincial Highway 403. The 403 is part of a corridor that is the shortest travelled major highway between the U.S. border points of Detroit (275 km / 170 miles) and Buffalo (145 km / 90 miles). Our access to major transportation connections is ideal for moving people and products.

Commuters can access GO Bus transit service to connect to Hamilton, the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Within the city, Brantford Transit provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get around.

Seaports in Hamilton, Toronto, and Oshawa enable the free flow of goods to markets around the world.

The Brantford Municipal Airport provides a convenient and cost-effective gateway to regional, national, and international business markets. Major international passenger and cargo airports in Toronto, London, Waterloo, and Hamilton are within an hour's drive from our community.

Passenger and freight rail services are provided on CN's main Quebec to Windsor rail line.

For those looking to bike or hike, Brantford has over 70 km (45 miles) of trails throughout the city and along the picturesque Grand River, which form part of the 24,000 km (15,000 mile) Trans Canada Trail.

 Map: Transporation infrastructure around Brantford and Southern Ontario
Map of transporation infrastructure around Brantford and Southern Ontario


Centrally located near major cargo and passenger airports in Southern Ontario, Brantford is uniquely positioned to access key domestic and international markets.

Distance to major airports

Major Airport



John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport

Hamilton, ON

35 km (22 miles)

Region of Waterloo International Airport

Waterloo, ON

40 km (25 miles)

London International Airport

London, ON

90 km (55 miles)

Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto, ON

96 km (60 miles)

Port Authorities

Ontario's port system provides critical infrastructure linking the movement of goods by water to important landside services including critical connections to road and rail.

Distance to marine shipping ports




Hamilton Port Authority

Hamilton, ON

55 km (35 miles)

Toronto Port Authority

Toronto, ON

105 km (65 miles)

Oshawa Port Authority

Oshawa, ON

165 km (100 miles)

Intermodal Access

Strategically placed Intermodal Terminals provide ready access to over 75% of U.S. markets and all Canadian markets, and offer the flexibility to use rail, trucks and vessels to reach customers and suppliers.

Distance to major intermodal terminals




CN Intermodal

Brampton, ON

100 km (60 miles)

CP Intermodal

Kleinburg, ON

115 km (70 miles)