Film and television productions offer a unique investment opportunity for our community. At the City, we work closely with productions to simplify filming while balancing safety and convenience for our businesses and residents. On this page you will find information about the City's Film Policy as well as local impacts on businesses and residents.

The Amazon/Sony television series The Boys had the opportunity to film in Branford this spring 2021. Filming in Brantford and dealing with the City of Brantford film and television office was a fantastic experience. The thorough nature of organizing and having made available the logistics and resources by the staff for filming was made incredibly fluid and easy to deal with. Looking forward to finding new and exciting locations to film in Branford!

Drazen Baric, Location Manager, The Boys (Season 3)

Film, television, and media policy

The City of Brantford’s film policy establishes a framework for continued success through fairness, transparency, and flexibility for productions, businesses, and residents. It supports and streamlines film, television, and media development in Brantford. 

Official By-law and Policy


The policy identifies the significance of the industry along with its local benefits, lays the framework for collaboration between and responsibilities of all parties, and recognizes the fluid nature of film production.  It guides municipal activities and responses to support productions.  Its overall goals and objectives are to:

  • Establish Brantford as a film friendly city;
  • Create a transparent, efficient, and adaptable municipal administrative process;
  • Protect the City from any claim or suit arising from film productions;
  • Uphold the rights, safety, and privacy of residents and businesses; and,
  • Help recover costs associated with supporting film.

Permit overview

Within the policy, an efficient and fair procedure for working with film is introduced.  Beginning in 2020, productions filming on municipal property, including streets, or in municipal facilities require a filming permit.  A nominal fee for the permit (which may be waived for very small or non-profit productions), as well as a general security deposit, will be phased-in over the next few years. The policy also contains specifics on traffic stoppages and road closures, deposits, parking, notifications, insurance, location activities, production activities, and much more. 

Our Filming Steps and Forms page provides an overview of the filming process in Brantford.

Impacts of film and television productions in our community

While film benefits our community through new investment, it can also be a temporary inconvenience to our businesses and residents.  Below is some information to help you understand these impacts. If you have other questions around film, please contact us.

Why are film and TV productions coming to Brantford?
More television and film productions are choosing to shoot in Brantford because of our fresh, unique locations and the service we provide. These productions represent another source of financial investment in our community.  The City’s goal is to work closely with productions, while balancing safety and convenience for our residents and businesses.
What is the City doing to manage these productions?
In 2019, the City approved a film policy that seeks to be fair and flexible for productions, businesses, and residents. Productions temporarily filming on public property (e.g. roads, parks, facilities, etc.) in Brantford must meet standards (e.g. detailed plans, insurance coverage, safety precautions, notifications, etc.) before they are approved.  Information about local filming, including the film policy, can be found on our Film, Television, and Digital Media page.
What is being done to keep Brantford and film crews safe?
Film productions, like all other work places in Ontario, must follow Provincial health and safety regulations. Most productions also have their own strict protocols to help keep workers and the public safe. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Ontario and the film industry have created very detailed guidelines for aspects of filming which productions are expected to follow. Local health standards are also applicable to productions.
How will this impact me or my business?
As a resident or business operator, you may experience temporary disruptions to daily activities from filming in your neighbourhood.  These may include street parking, traffic stoppages, road and sidewalk closures, or background daytime noise.
What do I get for these inconveniences?
The City does not compensate individuals or businesses for such disruptions as a result of activities on City property.  If you have concerns about a film project, speak to the production company listed on the notification letter that is sent in advance of filming.
Who do I talk to about lost business?
If you are looking to ask for compensation for costs or losses due to filming activities, speak to the production company listed on the notification letter.  The production company may require evidence of legitimate costs or losses (e.g. sales records comparing the affected period to similar periods).  Most production companies understand the need for cooperation and are open to accommodating the needs of impacted businesses and residents.  Being polite and courteous will go far in discussions with production companies.
Who do I talk to if I have more questions about the filming?
Questions about a particular filming project should be directed to the production company listed on the notification letter. Contact us to answer general questions about the film and television production process in Brantford.