The City of Brantford’s film policy establishes a framework for continued success through fairness, transparency, and flexibility for productions, businesses, and residents. It supports and streamlines film, television, and media development in Brantford. 

Official By-law and Policy


The policy identifies the significance of the industry along with its local benefits, lays the framework for collaboration between and responsibilities of all parties, and recognizes the fluid nature of film production.  It guides municipal activities and responses to support productions.  Its overall goals and objectives are to:

  • Establish Brantford as a film friendly city;
  • Create a transparent, efficient, and adaptable municipal administrative process;
  • Protect the City from any claim or suit arising from film productions;
  • Uphold the rights, safety, and privacy of residents and businesses; and,
  • Help recover costs associated with supporting film.

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Film Policy Cover

Permit process overivew

Within the policy, an efficient and fair procedure for working with film is introduced.  Beginning in 2020, productions filming on municipal property, including streets, or in municipal facilities require a filming permit.  A nominal fee for the permit (which may be waived for very small or non-profit productions), as well as a general security deposit, will be phased-in starting in 2021. The policy also contains specifics on traffic stoppages and road closures, deposits, parking, notifications, insurance, location activities, production activities, and much more. 

The general process for obtaining a permit is as follows, noting of course that the City will strive to be flexible where possible to support changes in production scheduling and deadlines.

  1. The production will consult with the City’s Film Liaison to identify the complexity and unique needs of the project.  This is to occur at least 15 business days prior to the arrival of crews on location (coning).
  2. The City will issue a Consultation report identifying requirements and timelines.  This will be issued no less than 12 business days prior to coning.
  3. The production will complete a formal permit application ensuring that all necessary approvals, scheduled resources, notifications, insurance, payments, and supporting paperwork are in place and proof of such is included.  This is to be completed no less than 10 business days prior to coning.
  4. If all is in order, the City will issue a permit a film permit within 3 businesses of the application.
  5. The production must complete all identified, outstanding documentation and obtain remaining required approvals no less than 5 business days prior to coning.