Shooting in Brantford offers many advantages for productions large and small. The list below identifies they key benefits for film makers. Productions may also qualify for provincial tax incentives for filming. 

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Brantford's downtown played the perfect creative role as a fictional urban setting for our stunt-heavy scenes. Working with the knowledgeable, film-friendly Economic Development office, and the one-stop logistics partners from Public Works and the Transportation Department, as well as the very helpful Brantford Police Service was a delight, and made for a smooth prep that led to a successful shoot.

Judy Chui, Location Manager, Toronto

Filming advantages

Fresh, untapped locations
Our distinctive geography, historical neighbourhoods, and modern development offer an impressive array of options for any production. You can find unique settings that are virtually untapped to give you the fresh look you need or recreate the look of many North American cities in ways never captured before.
More value for your production dollar
You can do much more for less in Brantford. Make Brantford into New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, or other major North American cities without the overhead cost of shooting there. Most permits have no cost. Location fees are rare and accommodations and food costs are much lower than in other major surrounding cities. Productions may also qualify for a 10% regional bonus tax credit (see below).

Municipal support

The City of Brantford welcomes film production. City departments recognize the importance and benefits of local film production. Economic Development works closely with City departments to provide great service, faster responses, and creative solutions to meet your production needs.

Simplified approvals

We like to keep the process for permits and permissions simple. We tell you upfront what is needed and when it is expected. This makes it easier for you to plan the production and provide the necessary information to us so you can begin filming sooner.

Supportive community

Our community loves film and television. Brantford residents, businesses, and City officials embrace film productions and are excited to support them.

Convenient access

It takes less time to drive to Brantford from Toronto than it takes to watch a feature film, making it easy for talent and equipment to get here. We are only 36 km (22 miles) from Hamilton and less than 100 km (60 miles) from downtown Toronto.

Additional supports

Depending upon the production, we may be able to provide additional supports and resources to help you get your production done faster for less.

Filming incentives

Brantford is located just outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) zone.  Productions shooting here may qualify for an additional 10% Regional Bonus on top of other available credits. This means that a producer could get a 45% labour-only tax credit when using the Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) while shooting in Brantford.  The Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) and Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects (OCASE) can both by utilized for filming in Brantford.  However, a producer must select either the OPSTC or the OFTTC – not both. The OCASE can be used in conjunction with either the OFTTC or OPSTC.

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Industry incentives and tax credits

  • Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit: The Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit (OFTTC) is a refundable tax credit available to eligible Ontario-based Canadian corporations of 35% of qualified Ontario labour expenditures for eligible film and television production.

  • OFTTC Regional Bonus: Qualifying OFTTC productions that are shot in Ontario entirely outside of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), or that have at least five location days in Ontario (or in the case of a television series, the number of location days is at least equal to the number of episodes), and at least 85% of the location days in Ontario are outside the GTA, receive a 10% bonus on all Ontario labour expenditures incurred for the production. Wholly animated productions which create at least 85% of key animation in Ontario outside of the GTA qualify for the regional bonus.
  • Ontario Production Services Tax Credit:  The Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) is a refundable tax credit to eligible Ontario-based Canadian and foreign-controlled corporations of 21.5% of qualified Ontario production expenditures for eligible film and television productions.
  • Ontario Computer Animation and Special Effects Tax Credit: The Ontario Computer Animation & Special Effects (OCASE) Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit to Ontario-based Canadian and foreign-controlled corporations of 18% of qualifying Ontario labour expenditures for digital animation and digital visual effects created in Ontario for film and television productions.
  • Federal Tax Credits: Federal incentives can add up to a 16% labour tax credit, depending on the level of assistance the project received from provincial and other sources. This commonly works out to 2-4% when added with other incentives.