We welcome film and television production in Brantford. Our goal is to collaboratively work to make your project successful and easy while balancing safety and convenience for our residents and businesses. Together we will find creative solutions to support your production. Below you will find information about our filming steps as well as details on our filming checklist and our filming related documents and files.

To help film makers explore local opportunities and plan their projects, we can help identify local sites as well as understand the considerations and regulations for filming in Brantford.

Brantford is an amazing city in which to film. When filming there, we received incredible support from City departments – Economic Development, Public Works, Police, Transit, Parking – as well as community stakeholders. The general process is simple and straight forward. I love filming in Brantford!

Jonathan Matthews, Location Manager, DGC, LMGI, Awake Productions

Filming Steps

Flexible lead times

The City endeavours to expedite approvals, to support unique requests, and to accommodate production timelines. Lead times are often flexible.

We can help with your timelines.  Call 519-751-9900 or email us to continue the conversation.

Our 5 filming steps

1. Consult
Step 1: Consult

Production Activities

City of Brantford Activities

  • Connect with City staff
  • Describe the project and what is needed
  • Understand opportunities, processes, and limitations
  • Confirm health and safety protocols
  • Dialogue with Production
  • Present location ideas
  • Introduce partners and resources
  • Confirm health and safety protocols
  • Share the local filming process and policy
2. Collaborate
Step 2: Collaborate

Production Activities

City of Brantford Activities

  • Identify required locations / looks
  • Complete checklist
  • Discuss best approaches
  • Pinpoint and problem solve challenges
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Complete checklist
  • Discuss best approaches and legacy projects
  • Pinpoint and problem solve challenges
  • Provide local solutions
3. Prep
Step 3: Prep

Production Activities

City of Brantford Activities

  • Obtain stakeholder buy-in
  • Assemble local resources
  • Complete applications and make payments
  • Circulate notifications (see documents / files)
  • Find appropriate creative solutions for arising challenges
  • Coordinate with City departments and local partners
  • Obtain necessary documentation and applications
  • Issue necessary approvals and permits
  • Find appropriate creative solutions for arising challenges
  • Communicate to City Council and Managers
  • Ready public locations
4. Film
Step 4: Film

Production Activities

City of Brantford Activities

  • Communicate with the City
  • Promote best safety and health practices
  • Brief cast and crew about local processes (e.g. code of conduct) and resources
  • Encourage cast and crew to support local
  • Coordinate activities
  • Address concerns
  • Communicate with the Production
  • Execute City related activities and supports
  • Support smooth operations of City resources and locations
  • Track progress and offer support
  • Address concerns
5. Wrap
Step 5: Wrap

Production Activities

City of Brantford Activities

  • Ensure locations are restored to original state
  • Review public locations with City
  • Provide feedback to the City
  • Request return of deposits
  • Review public locations with Production
  • Obtain feedback
  • Return deposits
  • Confirm legacy projects

Filming Checklist

Our checklist (full document made available during the consultation) is central to the consultation process and provides a sense of what to expect in Brantford. As we complete the worksheet together, it will support your planning process and become part of the Film Permit Application. It serves as the primary working document for the project. Of course, not all items will be relevant to every production. Be sure to refer to the City's Film Policy for sections noted in this checklist.



Sec. = section of the Film Policy

A = Approval may be required

C = Costs may apply

F = set Fees may apply

P = Permit required

Brantford Filming Checklist


Item / Area



Policy Section

1.a. Filming Location List all proposed filming locations. F, P  
1.b. After Hours Filming After  hours filming occurs between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. A, P Sec. 3.1
2.a. Health and Safety Protocols Follow provincial, local, and/or industrial health and safety protocols, particularly COVID-19. A Sec. 3.11.6, 3.15
2.a. Insurance and Indemnification Certificate of Insurance meeting appropriate levels and naming the City. Indemnity for the City. C Sec. 3.11
2.b. Code of Conduct Applicant to be familiar with document, circulate to all cast and crew, and include in Notification Letter(s). C Sec. 3.13
2.c. Site and Security Plan Detailed site and security plan including labeled maps / diagrams required. C Sec.
2.d. Fee Payment and General Security Deposit Film permit application fee as well as a general security deposit to be introduced in 2021. F Sec. 2.2
3.a. Traffic Stoppages Full or intermittent stopping of traffic along public roads or sidewalks. F, P Sec. 3.2
3.b. Road and Sidewalk Occupancy and Closures Closing public roads, sidewalks for filming, parking, noise-control, etc.  F, P Sec. 3.3
3.c. Transit Detours Public transit including GO service may need to be rerouted. Fare revenue compensation may be required. C Sec. 3.3.6
3.d. Road Occupancy and Closure Notification City staff create signage as well as set up / remove detour signage / equipment. C Sec. 3.3.5
4.a. Notification Letter Sample to City. Distributed to affected residents, businesses, BIA. Include key items and code of conduct. A, C Sec. 3.5
4.b. Distribution Area Map / Description Map identifying notification distribution, including affected one-way streets. Review with City. A, C Sec. 3.5
4.c. Public Notification Media ad or online notification may be required for larger or more complex productions. Review with City. A, C Sec. 3.5.7
4.d. Compensation  Businesses/individuals may wish to negotiate for impacts to operations. C Sec. 2.4.4
4.e. Resident / Business Approval Some locations may require approval from residents or businesses, usually in the form of signatures. A, C Sec. 3.5.6
5.a. Paid Duty Officers Support for closures, security, crowd control, etc.  Book officers/vehicles, pay costs, provide proof. A, C Sec. 3.2.3
5.b. Fire Department Projects with explosives, open fire, controlled burns, etc. (see Special Effects and Drones section) A, C Sec. 3.8
5.c. Paramedics  Projects involving stunts, high-risk situations, etc. A, C Sec. 3.8
6.a. Street Lights Turning off public street/traffic lights. A, C Sec. 3.7.1
6.b. Traffic Signage Removing, hiding, relocating, modifying traffic signage.  A, C Sec. 3.2
6.c. Production Lighting Lighting impacts on roadways, traffic, residents, etc. Diagrams, studies may be required. A, C Sec. 3.9.3
6.d. Noise Generation Trucks, generators, voices, stunts, explosions, etc. Location or time may require by-law exception. A, C Sec. 3.9
6.e. Fire Hydrants Accessing fire hydrants for water or electrical grounding.  A, C Sec. 3.7.4
6.f. Surfaces and Finishes Changes to turf, pavement or other finished surfaces, exteriors, fixtures, etc. A, C Sec. 3.7.1, 3.7.2
7.a. Explosives, Pyrotechnics, Hazardous Materials, etc. Actives and materials used on set require the approval of Police and/or Fire. Adhere to governing laws. A, C Sec. 3.8
7.b. Simulated Gunfire Simulated gunfire requires the approval of Police. A, C Sec. 3.7, 3.8, 3.9
7.c. Fire / Burning Burning of any kind requires approval from Fire, and may require site presence. A, C, (P) Sec. 3.8
7.d. Mock Weapons, Police Officers/Vehicles, etc. Mock weapons, police officers, vehicles, etc. require the approval of Police. A, C Sec. 3.7.5
7.e. Drones / UAV Insurance, pilot license, vehicle/device registration. Must comply with all governing laws and regulations. A, C Sec. 3.2
8.a. City Street Parking Occupancy permits; site maps; setbacks for hydrants, intersections, driveways, transit, etc. A, C, P Sec. 3.4
8.b. City Lot Parking Availability, costs, notifications, monthly passholders, compensation, etc. May require 1 month notice. A, C, P Sec. 3.4.5
8.c. Residential Neighbourhoods Adhere to setup times, comply with noise by-laws.  Limited production frequency in some areas. C Sec. 3.4, 3.5, 3.9
8.d. Industrial and/or Commercial Neighbourhoods Adhere to setup times, comply with noise by-laws.  Limited production frequency in some areas. C Sec. 3.4, 3.5, 3.9
8.e. Display Film Permit / Hanger Vehicles associated with the production must clearly display the film and parking permits or approved hanger.   Sec. 3.4.11
9.a. City Park Land Availability, permits, fees, restrooms, tents, electrical grounding, locates, restrictions, etc. A, C, F, P Sec. 2.4.2
9.b. City Sporting Facilities Availability, fees, restrictions, etc. A, C, P Sec. 2.4.2
9.c. City Buildings Availability, fees, restrictions, etc. A, C, P Sec. 2.4.2
9.d. Other City Property Availability, fees, restrictions, etc. A, C, P Sec. 2.4.2
10.a. Scheduled Events / Construction Planned, concurrent Municipal events or activities in close proximity to film locations. C  
10.b. Building/Tent Permit Building permits for structural modification. Permits for tents 60 m2 or larger. A, C, P  
10.c. Engineer's Letter Engineer's letter for planned structural loads, stresses, modifications (e.g. bridges, dikes). A, C  
10.d. Food and Catering Standards Review standards by the Brant County Health Unit for food preparation. A, C Sec. 3.15.2
10.e. Performance Platforms / Stages IATSE Local 129 agreements around constructing platforms or operating in performance halls. A, C  
10.f. Staking / Grounding Electrical staking or grounding. A, C Sec. 3.15.4
10.g. Flags from Other Countries Flying flags from other countries on set. A Sec. 3.7.10
10.h. Garbage, Recycling, and Environmental Impacts Waste disposal, protocols, costs, and environmental considerations. A, C Sec. 3.14, 3.20
10.i. Approval from Other Jurisdictions Local school boards, GRCA, prov./fed. ministries, post-secondary, neighbouring municipalities, etc. A, C  
10.j. Post-Production Evaluation Provide feedback to the City around filming experience and process.    
10.k. Animals on Set Provisions for specialty animals on location / set. A  
10.l. Legacy Projects  Community improvement opportunities and sponsorships. C Sec. 3.16
10.m. City Council Notification Film Liaison to notify City Council in advance of coning.    
10.n. Other Items Other items not on the list above. TBD  

Filming Documents and Files

The following documents and files are used in the filming process in Brantford.  Please review these with the Film Liaison before completing and circulating.

  • Film Permit Application - fill in and submit only after the filming checklist document (unique to each production) is completed with the Film Liaison
  • Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew (PDF) - complete and circulate to all cast and crew, as well as include on the reverse of the Notification Letter
  • Notification Letter Template (Word .docx)- update and submit with the Film Permit Application, distribute to affected areas

Accommodations for Web Users with Disabilities

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