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Many people are sold on the beauty, attraction, and charm of Brantford. We are a growing community removed from the busyness and expense of larger centres to the east while close enough to visit most within a 90-minute drive. On this page, we invite you to:


Compare real estate values

The growth of our real estate market is driven by a number of factors. While home prices climb in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), more buyers are looking to Brantford because of our small town feel, our amenities, our proximity to major urban centres, and our attractive mix of housing options. Look deeper into historical local housing prices.


Learn about our growth plans

Brantford is an Urban Growth Centre. The expansion of our municipal boundaries in 2017 is a key factor contributing to our long-term growth. As these new lands are developed for residential, commercial, and industrial use, the population is projected to reach 165,000 with 80,000 employees by 2051.

The areas transferred to the City of Brantford’s jurisdiction are described below. See the accompanying charts, map, and table for details and total sizes.

  • North Area: The first area is located north of the City between Powerline Road and Governors Road East. The City anticipates that the lands in the vicinity of and west of Golf Road will be for employment (industrial) uses, while the lands to the east of Golf Road are to be developed for residential, and other related uses including schools, parks and local commercial uses.
  • East Area: The second area is located east of Garden Avenue, north of Highway 403. This area is proposed to be developed for employment (industrial) use.
  • Tutela Heights: The third area is located on either side of Mount Pleasant Road.  This area is proposed to be developed for residential use.
Chart: Projected population and employment for Brantford up to 2051

Map: 2017 boundary expansion lands

map of Brantford with 2017 Expansion Boundary Lands

Table: 2017 boundary expansion lands

2017 boundary expansion lands
Area Land Use Calculation Acres Hectares
All both gross 6,719 2,719
All both net 4,161 1,684
Residential residential gross 4,893 1,980
Residential residential net 2,849 1,153
Employment employment gross 1,826 739
Employment employment net 1,312 531
North Area residential gross 3,459 1,400
North Area residential net 1,945 787
North Area employment gross 1,399 566
North Area employment net 1,043 422
East Area employment gross 430 174
East Area employment net 264 107
Tutela Heights residential gross 1,433 580
Tutela Heights residential net 904 366


Discover a great place to live

Explore different housing solutions available in Brantford. Brantford offers a mix of residential options from single family to high density condos and apartments. The following resources can help you find your new residence and start the next chapter of life in Brantford.




Identify key amenities, services, and resources

Local amenities, services, and resource are important factors when considering where to live. Explore health care, education, transit, as well as service maps in Brantford.