Volunteers from the Brantford business community serve as members of the Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC). Together these leaders lend their experience and expertise to advise on our strategies and to help shape our projects and priorities.

The City of Brantford Economic Development Advisory Committee has a long history of providing support, guidance and commentary to the Mayor, Council and City staff on matters related to initiatives of the Economic Development department.  Our committee is comprised of volunteers who are active, interested members of the public, each holding valuable stakeholder views and positions.  We believe in Brantford and want to see it thrive.  It is our privilege to work collaboratively to facilitate a more business friendly Brantford that continues to prosper and become a destination for families to work, live and play. 

Allan Lovett, Former Chair of the Economic Development Advisory Committee and Partner, Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon LLP

The Committee meets monthly from September to June to receive delegate presentations, review projects and proposals, provide input to and direction for the City's Economic Development Department, and offer recommendations for Council's consideration.  As defined in the City's bylaw (see Chapter 26, Schedule ‘10’ - The Economic Development Advisory Committee), the general purpose of the Committee is to "give advice and recommendations to Council in respect of the development and expansion of the City’s economy."

The Committee also reviews suggested policy changes from the City's Planning Department to offer comment and ideas for improvement before the changes are submitted to Council.  In this capacity, EDAC serves as the Planning Advisory Committee to "give advice and guidance on land use planning matters to the Council of the City," as described in the same bylaw.

Joining the Committee

Members can serve terms lasting up to four years. Individuals interested in joining the committee should submit an application, including a letter of interest and a resume detailing their business experience in the community, to the Director of Economic Development and Tourism. From received applications, a list of nominees will be submitted to Council for review and approval.

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