map of Canada and Rogers wireless network coverage

Rogers Communications has announced the launch of 5G in 10 more cities and towns across Canada, including Brantford.  Rogers 5G network, powered exclusively by Ericsson, now reaches a total of 170 cities and towns across the country.

5G will introduce new capabilities that are significantly more advanced than previous generations of wireless technology. The combination of ultra-low latency for near-instantaneous responsiveness, a massive increase in the number of devices that can be connected to the network, and new applications will open a world of possibilities – such as real-time traffic management to reduce gridlock and commute time, remote healthcare and virtual surgery for isolated communities, drones using thermal imaging to better inform firefighters trying to fight forest fires and multi-player, lag-free gaming on the go.

Now customers in these locations on Rogers Infinite and Rogers for Business Shared Unlimited Data plans with compatible 5G devices will have access to this next generation wireless technology. More than 2.2 million Canadians are on 5G-ready Rogers Infinite unlimited data plans. A map of Rogers  5G network can be found here .

For more information please view the media release here.